AVENI-RE Africa was initiated by Mr. AW Seybatou and several insurance companies and African executives of the insurance and reinsurance sector .It was established on October 25th, 2004 and is currently the first reinsurance private company of the French-speaking West and Central Africa countries.

At its inception, Aveni-RE’s ambition was to support the insurance industryby providing its cedants, additional capacity and the necessary technical know-how for the full development of their activities.

With the development of its activities, Aveni-RE has expanded its coverage to the whole of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Despite its young age, AVENI-RE has significant assets comprising:

  • The diversity of its shareholders consisting of internationally renowned insurance and reinsurance companies which significantly contribute to the constitution of the portfolio and its sustainability
  • The quality of the members of its Board of Directors which consists of professionals in the insurance and reinsurance sector
  • A great experienced multi-disciplined management team with a perfect knowledge of the markets
  • The importance of its own funds allowing a significant retention and promptness in the payment of claims
  • Quality retrocession programme

AVENI-RE has its headquarters in Abidjan, in Côte d'Ivoire. This strategic location grants the company two advantages :

  • The most dynamic economic and financial hub of Francophone Africa located south of the Sahara: The issuances of insurance companies represent about 30% of the sales of the CIMA zone. Therefore, Aveni-RE is very close to the largest business developers
  • Ideally positioned between West Africa and Central Africa, the HUB allows to reach in few hours and at affordable costs all the partners of the company.



AVENI-Re / SCG-Re seminar was conducted in ...

An international AVENI-Re / SCG-Re seminar was conducted in Libreville, Gabon ...

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Aveni-re International Seminar

On Friday, September 11th 2015, Curtains fell on the international training ...

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AVENI-Re / SCG-Re seminar was conducted in Libreville
AVENI-Re / SCG-Re seminar was conducted in ...
An international AVENI-Re / SCG-Re seminar was conducted in Libreville, Gabon from September 25 to 29, 2017
AVENIRE Annual report 2014
AVENIRE Annual report 2014
Final report of AVENIR-RE major reinsurance's actor
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