Corporate governance

The board of directors

Aveni-RE is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members whose composition is the result of a balance mix of different components of its share ownership.

The Board of Directors is headed by Mister  Seybatou AW, Corporate chairman/CEO 

Description of the Board of Directors

Representative Countries Position

Seybatou AW Sénégal Chairman

Lamia Ben MAHMOUD Tunisie  Board member
Hakim Ben YEDDER
ZONGO Thomas
MABENDE Felix Issembe
THIAM Amadou
Côte d'Ivoire
Burkina Faso
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member

Two committees were set up within the Board of Directors :

  • The strategic and compensation committee
  • The audit committee

The management team of the company

The team consists of executives with proven competences and a perfect knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance African market. The composition of the team is as follows:

  • Monsieur Seybatou AW, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
  • Monsieur GUY Camara, Deputy Managing Director
  • Monsieur NEGRI Yakhoub, Director Administration & Human Ressources
  • Madame GNONGRE Rufine, Director of Finance and Accounting
  • Monsieur MBAYE Moussa, Director of Retrocession and Collections
  • Mlle Hawa AW, Development and Marketing Director
  • Monsieur Marcel KOUAME, Francophone area Fac Underwriter
  • Monsieur Ademola OLOWOSUNA, Anglophone area Underwriter
  • Monsieur Arbi BEN JEMIA, MENA area Underwriter, Regional Office Manager TUNIS
  • Madame N'DIAYE Anna, Underwriter, Regional Office Manager DAKAR
  • Monsieur EBENE François, Underwriter, Regional Office Manager DOUALA

Management culture of the company

AVENI-RE’s management is essentially based on four (4) core values, which are the pillars of the culture of the company .They are as follows :

  • Satisfaction of our shareholders
  • Professionnalism
  • Respect of commitment
  • Loyalty
These values are built around a central axis, a real lever for the creation of value added solutions: The result oriented culture expressed in our slogan AVENI-RE, the convenient reinsurer.
These values are reflected in the managerial culture.
The management culture is based on « a result oriented culture »
  • The satisfaction of our shareholdersAVENI-RE is a company which owes its existence to the trust that its shareholders have placed in it in order to be on the African continent, a reference company which demonstrates the know-how of the executives of the continent.
  • ProfessionnalismBeing professional requires the mastery of our profession and our environment to improve our efficiency.
  • The respect of our commitment The commitment is synonymous to trust and reliability. Thanks to the confidence placed in us by our cedants, we guarantee them an immediate response and personalized attention on our treaties and our facultative obligations
  • Loyalty For us, loyalty to our Directors, our shareholders, clientele is a guarantee for success. Being loyal is a state of mind, a virtue.




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